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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dick Dixon Sets His Punch on Fire

Watch the short video below of Dick Dixon of Old Mystic setting his punch on fire! This punch, known as Feuerzangenbowle, is a German winter hot flaming punch made with red wine, rum and carmelized sugar. (See recipe below.)

I met Dick Dixon because the sign outside of his law office seemed to speak to me as I was about to embark on my ill-fated winter sea voyage. His sign is included in my book, Mystic Seafarer's Trail. Excerpt:

15           Shanghaied Part III
I decided it was better for Jim and me to be safe than sorry, so I bought sailing harnesses at a marine consignment store.

While Bailey barked from my car at the store owner’s dog, Schooner, I told the woman our winter sailing plans. As she demonstrated how to wear the harness and tether and clip it to the boat’s life line, she said, "Wow, you are braver than I am—and I live on a sailboat!"

Was I brave—or just naïve?

Plopping my purchases in the car next to Bailey, I glanced back at Schooner on his leash out front to say goodbye. Suddenly, I caught sight of a sign posted next door at the Law Office of Richard D. Dixon. Dixon was offering this village of seafarers, which now included me, his estate services to “…chart a course for smooth sailing throughout your life’s voyage.”

When our lawyer son-in-law had learned of our sailing trip, he asked if our wills were in order. And now, only days before we were to embark on our epic voyage, was another estate reminder.  Why was I noticing this sign now? Was this sign “a sign?”
The above story about Dick Dixon was an excerpt from Mystic Seafarer's Trail by Lisa Saunders. Watch Dick set his drink on fire!

Dick Dixon of Old Mystic is otherwise known as:
Richard D. Dixon
Attorney at Law
15 Holmes Street  Mystic, CT  06355
Phone (860) 536-0066    eFax (888) 213-7527

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