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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kayaking in Mystic Area by Cindy Modzelewski

Cindy Modzelewski of Mystic, Connecticut, in her kayak.
Co-hosted by author Lisa Saunders and Julie Russell, LCSW
Cindy Modzelewski says, "I shared my love for this easy, relaxing sport by forming my own personal Paddle Yakker Club with friends I was making. Instead of meeting over a cup of coffee, we chatted while paddling.I was fortunate to have a spare kayak and equipment to share and my favorite kayak mover, Big Blue (pick-up truck).

I am kayaking with my friend Elizabeth Saede of Stonington. We are about to kayak under the Mystic River drawbridge. If you would like a kayak buddy, shoot me an e-mail! Write to CLM1208@aol.com and put kayaking in the subject. (Note: I am a featured friend in the new book, Mystic Seafarer's Trail, by Lisa Saunders.)
  1. Ten reasons to kayak:
- it’s fun

-to be close to nature

-to be with friends

-for exercise

-for adventure

-for relaxation

-as part of another activity

-to stay cool in the summer

-is a sport for all ages

-for love

  1. Five questions to ask before buying a kayak:

-what type of water will you be kayaking on most of the time?

-how long will you be on the water?

-what style kayak would you prefer?

-what size paddler are you?

-what kind of budget are you working with?

  1. Kayak transportation systems:

-kayak roof racks

-kayak carts

-kayak trailers

  1. Three types of kayaks:




  1. Kayak clothing and kayaking apparel - how to dress for kayaking

-base layer

-outer shell

-feet, head, and hands
    6. The CT Boater's Guide put out by the State of CT Dept of Energy & Environmental Protection in Hartford. Their link is www.ct.gov/deep. It lists tidal waters by town and lakes, ponds and inland streams; it tells you location, where to launch, regulations, size of location, number of parking spaces.
      -tidal waters: Stonington – from the town dock with access to open ocean or back to the coves

      -tidal waters: Westbrook (you can sometimes park at a local marina and pay nominal $5 parking fee if you are a“car top carrier”); lovely spot with high density of marinas before getting to open ocean

      7. Mystic area paddle spots include:

      -Williams Beach (behind the YMCA), Mystic

      -Mystic River, under the bridge

      -Billings Lake (97 acres), 100 Billing Lakes Road, Stonington

      -Long Pond (109 acres), 690 Lantern Hill, North Stonington

      -look for the boating sign

      -Click here for a Kayaker's Guide to the Mystic River.

        8. The CT Central and Eastern street atlas to use in conjunction with the boater's guide to find the places, also the laminated river map (from local bike shops): www.americanmap.com
          9. Where to rent a kayak locally--there are several spots. One in downtown Mystic by the drawbridge is the Marine Consignment Shop: http://marineconsignment.com/ 
          10. Groton Parks and Recreation offers being an annual member that can access the equipment at their Spicer Ave., Noank, location. See: https://register.parksreconline.com/wbwsc/groton.wsc/wbsearch.html?xxmod=AR&xxtype=BOAT&wbsi=96a442ca-bfed-09a3-e211-609c8cba76de
          11. Noank Rowing Club: http://noankrowing.org/

          12. Paddle trips

          Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Chickadee Newsletter

          See www.dpnc.org(860-536-1216) for adults member rate $20/person, offer 2 each month, meet at nature center at 9 or the put-in at 9:30. Figure 9-3.

          -Connecticut Coastal Kayaking (brochure at visitor center), May-October

          See www.CTcoastalkayaking.com(860-391-3837)

          Example Bluff Point, Thimble Islands


          Watch me launch myself in a kayak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQDOq9eiLsw
          Watch me launch my friend, Nicky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJUOxZFeIFk
          Mystic Seafarer's Trail: When you are finished kayaking and want to try some walking adventures, click here to follow the Mystic Seafarer's Trail! or http://www.mysticseafarerstrail.com/files/64513930.pdf
          Water safety: Operation Paddle Smart
          -see U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety at www.uscgboating.org

          Kayak magazines for you to enjoy:www.outdoorplay.com/community-kayaking-magazines

          adventure kayak

          canoe roots

          canoe & kayak

          kayak angler

          kayak fishing magazine

          kayak session


          rapid magazine

          sea kayaker

          stand up journal