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Friday, April 11, 2014

Submit recipe or fun event

Have a free event or recipe to share?

I accept submissions for free events (or the type where you can spend as little or as much as you want) and for simples recipes (I'm particularly looking for recipes sailors make when out to sea and cooking in moving galley).

I don't have time to edit or make the links, so please provide a very short title (four words or less) and imbed a link for the interested to click into. See samples below:

Sample Event:

Mon-Sat: Mystic Puzzle Therapy!

Sample Recipe:
Set punch on fire! Watch the video!

E-mail  your submission to me at saundersbooks@aol.com and make either put Recipe or Event for Mystic Seafarer's Trail in the subject area.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Will the real Frances Sawyer Wolfe Sisson please stand up?

Will the real Frances Sawyer Wolfe Sisson please stand up?
I am currently writing an article about Frances Sawyer Wolfe Sisson, widowed twice by sea captain husbands, for a magazine geared toward widow/ers. This is the only image I may have of Frances. But is this Frances or her older sister Ann who was also married to Captain Charles C. Sisson?

The clues:

The back of this image states that it's Mrs. Charles C. Sisson--but which one? Ann or Frances Sawyer? Both were married to Captain Charles C. Sisson of Mystic and lived at 12 West Mystic Avenue. The photograph is undated and was taken by Giles Bishop, 22 State Street, New London, Connecticut (photo is from the Bradley Collection: 1992.034.0002, Mystic River Historical Society).
The first Mrs. Charles C. Sisson--Ann Sawyer--died while out to sea with her husband at the age of 45 on May 12, 1876. The second Mrs. Charles C. Sisson--Ann's younger sister Frances Sawyer, married Charles C. Sisson at the age of 44 on March 9, 1878.
Can anyone tell the age of this woman? Or the time period this dress would have been in style?
Ann Sawyer is buried beside her only husband, Charles C. Sisson, at the Lower Mystic Cemetery. I don't believe there are any living descendants.
Frances is buried beside her first husband, Thomas E. Wolfe, at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic. There may be living descendants.
Under which headstone is the above photographed women buried?
Please contact me with your ideas at saundersbooks@aol.com or the Mystic River Historical Society at info@mystichistory.org

Charles C. Sisson and first wife Ann Sawyer Sisson at Lower Mystic Cemetery

Frances Jane Sisson buried at Captain Thomas E. Wolfe's obelisk at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic.
Captain Thomas E. Wolfe's obelisk

Both women lived at 12 West Mystic Ave, Mystic, in the Town of Groton. Seen today (above) and long ago (below):