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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More to Mystic than pizza: Hit the Mystic Seafarer’s Trail!

When most people think of the quaint seacoast village of Mystic, Connecticut, they think of the movie, “Mystic Pizza.” Yet when they visit this maritime community, they find a lot more than pizza! National Geographic named Mystic one of the top 100 adventure towns in the United States.

Preparing to embark on an adventure in Mystic Country? If you are looking for ideas, follow the path featured in the adventure guide, Mystic Seafarer's   Trail, by local author Lisa Saunders.  You’ll uncover little-known facts behind the “7 Wonders of Mystic,” Amelia Earhart’s secret wedding in nearby Noank and several tragic shipwrecks off Watch Hill, R.I.

You’ll learn hidden stories behind Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium, which houses the “Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below” exhibit. You’ll read eye-witness accounts from residents about what it was like when Julia Roberts came to town to star in “Mystic Pizza” and how they prepared for Meryl Streep's recent visit for filming in “Hope Springs.” You’ll also learn how you, too, can be cast as an extra in the next movie.

Other locals you’ll meet include the old fisherman whose cousin is listed among those lost at sea on the Stonington Fishermen’s Memorial and Ernie the Ledge Light Ghost.

The book also includes information about Mystic’s free bike sharing program, how to kayak under the drawbridge to pick up an ice cream order, and where to paddle to the partially submerged schooner Marmion. Valuable tips include what NOT to wear for seal watching in the winter, where to thaw out afterwards, and how to picnic “Mystic Style” for excursions on historic vessels in warmer months.

Mystic Seafarer's Trail  is available online and through these local shops. On Amazon, you can read the first several pages by clicking on the LOOK INSIDE feature.  

Note from the author, Lisa Saunders (seen with her beagle/basset hound):

Visitors often stop me to ask what they should see and do. Their questions inspired me to write my adventure travel guide, Mystic Seafarer's Trail. It begins with the first question I received shortly after stepping out of our new home with my beagle/basset hound for a stroll to downtown Mystic.

A woman pulled over in her van and yelled, "Excuse me." Assuming she wanted directions to Mystic Pizza or some other attraction, I wasn't prepared for what she really wanted to know: "Do you realize the back of your skirt is tucked into your underwear?"

What a debut in my new hometown! I don’t think this is what National Geographic meant when they named Mystic one of the top 100 adventure towns in the U.S. Once recovered from my wardrobe malfunction, my hound and I continued with our daily walks to learn the backstreets and meet the locals—living and dead.

In addition to attracting such legendary honeymooners as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Mystic Country is where Amelia Earhart got married, where the discoverer of Titanic’s watery grave keeps his home office, and where the sea captain who accidentally discovered Antarctica lived.

My first goal was to compile a list of “The 7 Wonders of Mystic”—something quick I could shout to tourists holding up traffic with their questions.  In the meantime, I searched for my own adventure. Then it happened: when walking across the Mystic drawbridge along the Mystic Seafarer's Trail (which I designed for those who don't like to go uphill), I met a blind sailor who invited me on a long winter voyage. Could I, a landlubber, defy squalls, scurvy, and my fear of scraping barnacles to survive this epic journey?

To keep abreast of ongoing Mystic adventures, click on my Mystic Seafarer's Trail Newsletter and subscribe to it.


The seaside chapel at Enders Island. Photo by Lisa Saunders

The plaque in Noank about Amelia Earhart's wedding. Photo by Lisa Saunders
The photo of Bailey and I was taken on Enders Island in Mystic. Photo by Maureen Hicks.

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